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DS: Mexico — Decisive Anti-Throwing Steps on the Animal meat and Rice

DS: Mexico — Decisive Anti-Throwing Steps on the Animal meat and Rice

This realization might have been made by the fresh new Secretariat not as much as its obligation. The fresh new conclusion is actually for standard recommendations simply and is maybe not required to change the rights and you will financial obligation from Members.


To the , the us expected consultation services having Mexico concerning the their definitive anti-throwing strategies on meats and enough time grains white rice too as the specific terms of Mexico’s International Trading Act and its particular Government Code off Municipal Procedure.

The united states reported why these tips have been inconsistent which have Mexico’s loans according to the terms off GATT 1994, brand new Anti-Throwing Arrangement as well as the SCM Agreement. Specifically, the united states reported you to definitely:

  • Mexico’s decisive anti-dumping procedures with the meats and a lot of time grains light rice was basically inconsistent that have at the least Articles step three, 5.8, 6, nine, several, 11.1 and you may Annex II of your Anti-Dumping Arrangement.
  • Particular conditions away from Mexico’s Foreign Exchange Operate and its particular Government Password from Civil Procedure had been contradictory having Content 5.8, 6, six.step one.1, 6.8, eight, nine, 9.5, 10.six, eleven and of the Anti-Throwing Agreement and you will Posts 11.9, twelve.1.1, a dozen.7, 17, 19, 19.step three, 20.six, 21 and you can 21.hands down the SCM Agreement.
  • The us also reported you to definitely Mexico’s procedures apparently nullify or influence benefits accruing into You personally otherwise indirectly according to the quoted preparations. Leer más